Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society is a group of men that through events and fundraisers support our parish and school. Our members are involved in all aspects of parish life.

We meet as a group, once a month, to have a general discussion of upcoming events and enjoy the camaraderie of one another. Some of our social activities include the general meetings, softball, basketball, poker leagues and more.

We invite every man of the Queen of Martyrs Parish to fully participate. Membership is open to all men, 21 years and older.

For more information about the Holy Name Society please visit our website at http://qmholyname.yolasite.com/ .

Board Members
President – Kevin O’Shea
Vice President – Tom Murphy
Sergeant of Arms – Chad Preabt
Treasurer – Dan Homel
Secretary – Ray Monterastelli
Membership Chairman – Brian Burchett

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